Boreprogrammet er avsluttetNordic Mining har nettopp avsluttet et boreprogram på en kvartsforekomst i Kvinnherrad i Hordaland. Hensikten med programmet er å påvise en kommersiell forekomst med superren kvarts.

Boreprogrammet er avsluttet

Nordic Mining påtraff god kvarts i alle de seks borehullene på forekomsten som nå undersøkes i Kvinnherrad . Kvartsen har en renhet på 99.998 % SiO2.

«We are happy to announce that we have successfully completed the drilling program for the quartz deposit. Detailed analysis and modeling of the deposit will be carried out in order to make a qualified resource estimate for the deposit,» sier Exploration Manager Mona Schanche.
The Kvinnherad quartz deposit is a 600 meter long quartz vein situated about 300 meters above sea level. It is of very high quality that can be processed to extremely pure quartz products. Concentrates with a total level less than 15 ppm of impurities has been produced.
Surface mapping shows that the vein has a width varying between 10 to 45 meters. The centre of the vein generally contains massive pure quartz, while a greater degree of mixing with the host gneiss rock is seen towards the contact. The vein is classified into two categories: «massive quartz» containing more than 90% quartz, and «transitional quartz» with quartz content between 25% and 90%.
Nordic Mining skriver på sin nettside at «The Nesodden deposit consists of hydrothermal quartz situated in Proterozoic basement rocks south of the Hardanger Fault Zone. The quartz vein is about 600 meter long and on average 15 meters wide. A cross-cutting of the hillside shows that the deposit continues to at least 150 meters depth».

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