Gulljakten i KongoOkapi Reserve, Democratic Republic of Kongo By J. Doremus via Wikimedia Commons

Gulljakten i Kongo

Alle de som foretrekker at metaller og mineraler utvinnes i fremmede land, i stedet for her hjemme, har godt av å lese denne reportasjen.

Conflict is never far away in the Democratic Republic of Congo – a country rich in natural resources such as gold, diamonds, coltan and tin – and the country is on the brink of a new civil war. Tensions have been rising since December, when President Joseph Kabila postponed the elections.
As the situation gets worse, analysts point to the role of mining in the conflicts. Opposing groups fight for control of the country’s natural resources and use the proceeds to buy weapons in times of uncertainty. And all that is very bad news for the DRC’s precious wildernesses.
This summer we – two Dutch journalists Klaas van Dijken and Lisa Dupuy – travelled to the DRC with the American photographer Adriane Ohanesian to focus on just one of these natural resources, and its part in growing tensions: gold.
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