Four finalists – four talents: Meet Olav

Four finalists – four talents: Meet Olav

This week presents the four young talents who made it to the finals of the Young Petroleum Geoscientist Award in order to make it easier for you to decide whom to vote for. Today, we get to know Olav Antonio Blaich from Bayerngas.

As one of the four finalists in the Young Petroleum Geoscientist Award, Olav, 36[1], for sure knows about geoscience. The modest family guy has his roots in Brazil, is a sport enthusiast and practices delegating within Bayerngas, preparing himself for a promising career. With this interview, we get to know the talented geoscientist a little better. 

Why did you become a Geoscientist in the first place?

Coincidence – I studied at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences in Ås and had several natural sciences classes that I liked. But I had one class in geology and I was thrilled. So I decided right after that to move to Oslo and to study geosciences.

What is your favorite rock?

I really like eclogites – it’s a mafic metamorphic rock composed mainly by garnet (red to pink) and pyroxene (green). It looks very nice and beautiful.

Where is it most likely to meet you after work?

Most likely at home with my family. But there is a fair chance I hang out with friends from Brazil having some beers in a pub. And also that I am out running which is important for me to keep the balance – as a geoscientist working in an oil company, you’re sitting quite a lot.

How did you learn about the award?

I heard about it at the Hydrocarbon Habitats seminar where Geonova and the award were presented.

What made you accept your nomination?

I think this is the most difficult question… When you are nominated, it is a gesture and a great acknowledgement. In this case by my previous boss. I very much appreciate it and for sure did not intend to turn this act of appreciation down.

Do you feel prepared for what comes with the award as well as a helicopter ride?

I think I can manage a helicopter ride, even though I have never been in a helicopter or offshore before. Regarding the fame, I hope it would not be too much of it (laughs).

If you win: What are you most looking forward to when you are on the drilling rig?

I would love to witness how the extremely complicated and complex task of drilling is accomplished and how everything is working together – everybody and every system is collaborating with one mutual target in mind. I want to see how it all fits together. I think rigs are outstanding and unique in this regard.

What is your strategy to win the voting?

I don’t know if there is a real strategy, but I think a mix of different approaches. Actually, most of the effort I am kind of delegating: My colleagues take care of it quite enthusiastically and my boss in Bayerngas has sent an email to all his contacts. We’ll also use Facebook as social media can be quite effective I guess.

What should the readers know about you that bring them to vote for you?

I can stand on my hands and will do so on the stage when I receive the award – that’s a promise.


[1] Olav recently turned 36 in April. But at the time of nomination he was 35, in accordance with the rules of the award.