Four finalists – four talents: Meet Tor

Four finalists – four talents: Meet Tor

Today’s finalist of the Young Petroleum Geoscientist Award being presented on, is Tor Sømme from Statoil. Get to know him and make up your mind about whom to vote for.

Tor, 33, has a great affection for geology that becomes most comprehensible in his almost romantic relationship to sandstone. It’s hard to meet him in person but it’s worth trying: The young father is already an acknowledged expert in his field with an exquisite taste for geology related news portals as well as excellent ideas how to apply his academic work in exploration – and how to make beer at home.

How old are you?

I am 33 at the moment.

Why did you become a Geoscientist in the first place?

Oh, that’s a good question… It all started a little bit random. I started to study geology and became more and more fond of it. I started out with a general geology background and specialized in sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy during my master. In my PhD and post doc work I focused on the link between landscape evolution and deposition in sedimentary basins (what we call ‘source-to-sink’ studies). In Statoil we use many of the same concepts and ideas in order to make better predictions on presence of reservoir and source rock in different areas of the world.

What is your favorite rock?

It is probably the good old sandstone. It is a favorite for an explorationist and also from my previous academic work. Maybe it’s a little bit boring, but there is no other choice for me.

Where is it most likely to meet you after work?

We just had a little baby girl, so usually at home nowadays. After she has gone to bed I sometimes turn my kitchen into a beer brewery.

How did you learn about the award?

I read about it on

Why did you accept your nomination?

I can’t think of any reason why I shouldn’t. It sounded like a very interesting and also tough competition. And it is an honor to be suggested for such a thing.

Do you feel prepared for what comes with the award as well as a helicopter ride?

I have never been on a helicopter but that should be fun! Regarding the fame: I think I can handle it. (laughs)

If you win: What are you most looking forward to when you are on the drilling rig?

I have never been on a drilling rig before either. It depends – if they are drilling it would be fun to go the mud logging room and have a look at what’s going on there. I guess it must be exciting to wait for the target to be reached and have a look at the rocks coming up as they get ever closer.

What is your strategy to win the voting?

That’s a good question as well… I haven’t really planed a detailed strategy. I am relying on telling friends who can tell friends who tell friends and so on…

I am not very active on social media myself, tough, but I am also relying on the newspapers like to make people aware of it. And then it’s up to the readers to vote for me.

What should the readers know about you that bring them to vote for you?

I want them to know that I am really passionate about what I do. I think that is important for doing the best job you can. Besides: Those who voted for me get a beer!