Four (!) in a row

Four (!) in a row

Spike Exploration has, over the last winter, participated in four exploration and appraisal wells, all of which have encountered oil and gas.

–        The Pil discovery and surrounding prospects are the most promising, whilst the other discoveries and licenses have also added value to Spike’s portfolio, says Bjørn Inge Tønnesen, CEO of Spike Exploration.

Tønnesen refers to the company’s success story with four discoveries in a row.

In the forthcoming conference Recent Discoveries May 14-15 Tønnesen will give the Gullkronen Lecture (Thursday 09:30) after having received the Gullkronen award this year as Newcomer of the Year.

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The Pil well 6406/12-3S offshore Mid-Norway recently encountered a gross 226m hydrocarbon-bearing reservoir section with approximately 135m of oil and 91m of gas in mid-late Jurassic sandstones with very good reservoir properties.

The production rate was approx. 6700 barrels of oil equivalent through a 56/64 inch choke. The test showed good flow properties and the gas/oil ratio was 853 scf/stb.

Preliminary estimates place the size of the discovery at between 50 and 170 million barrels of oil equivalents, mainly light oil. A down dip sidetrack operation to prove up the lateral extent of the Pil reservoir has now started. This will be followed by an additional side track to assess the resource potential of the neighbouring Bue target.

Considerable additional volumetric potential exists within the licence and the operator has already started the planning for a new exploration well in PL586 in 2015.

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Other discoveries that Spike participates in are Solberg and Novus, both offshore Mid-Norway. The preliminary resource estimate for the Solberg discovery within PL475 is in the range 6 to 25 million barrels of oil equivalents. In the main well bore gas/condensate was proven in two sandstone intervals with a total net vertical thickness of 12m in the Lange formation, and with a gross reservoir thickness of 16m. In the side track gas/condensate was proven in two sandstone intervals with a total net vertical thickness of 7m, and with a gross reservoir section of 13m.

Novus may hold between 6 and 16 million barrels of recoverable oil equivalent. A 12.5m oil column and a 12m gas column were encountered in the Middle Jurassic Garn formation

In the UK Spike has found oil in fractured granite basement. Current analysis of data obtained suggests relatively good porosity development for comparative reservoirs, with indications of moveable hydrocarbons over approximately 53m.