How to find more oilE-W cross section through study area shows one source rock property distribution as an input to the flow calculations in the Hekkingen Formation. Illustration: Migris AS & SINTEF Petroleum Research

How to find more oil

An innovative method enables a simulator to model migration into thin porous stringers embedded in shales and thus exploits 3-D source-model results at high resolution.

Important modelling results in the Hammerfest Basin include the visualization of the detailed hydrocarbon migration pattern histories within the 3-D Hekkingen Formation. In-depth analysis can reveal how these results relate to the hydrocarbon migration pattern and well site observations in the Early/Middle Jurassic Stø Formation.
This will be explained at the forthcoming half day seminar in Stavanger. The talk is entitled «High resolution 3D source rock potential and hydrocarbon migration modelling: an approach for finding more oil in the Barents Sea?»

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