Lundin spuddet Børselv7220/6-3 Børselv Kartografi: NPD

Lundin spuddet Børselv

Like før helgen ble Børselv (brønn 7220/6-3) i PL 609 på Loppahøyden i Barentshavet spuddet.

The well is located on-trend north of the Alta and Neiden oil discoveries, approximately 18 km northwest of the Neiden discovery well.
The main objective of the well is to test the reservoir properties and hydrocarbon potential of Permian-Carboniferous carbonate reservoirs. The Børselv prospect is estimated to contain gross unrisked prospective resources of 244 MMboe.
The well will be drilled with the semi-submersible drilling rig Leiv Eiriksson and is expected to take approximately 35 days. Planned total depth for the well is approximately 1,300 metres.
Lundin Norway is the operator of PL609 with a 40 percent working interest. The partners are DEA Norge AS and Idemitsu Petroleum Norge AS with 30 percent working interest each.