Overtar i WellesleyKari Langvik Østhus Foto: © Wellesley

Overtar i Wellesley

Wellesley Petroleum AS appoints Kari Langvik Østhus as new Norway Country Manager.

Wellesley Petroleum AS appoints Kari Langvik Østhus to lead the company in Norway as the operator enters a new phase of activity.
Kari Langvik Østhus (36) is a co-founder of Wellesley and has previously worked as an exploration geophysicist with Revus Energy, Wintershall and Cairn Energy. More recently, Kari has taken responsibility for managing Wellesley’s new venture projects.
– Kari has demonstrated very strong managerial talent in her most recent role. That, coupled with her deep understanding of exploration, makes her the ideal candidate to lead our Norwegian business forward, says Chris Elliott, CEO of the Wellesley Group.
Reflecting Wellesley’s strategy and future growth plans, the current Norway Country Manager, Callum Smyth (50) will take the post of Operations and HSE Manager.
– The changes in the management team reflect the new phase that the company is entering. It allows us to orientate towards a more operator-focused model, assuming responsibility for drilling of exploration targets matured in our licence portfolio, Elliott explains.
Wellesley has recently completed its first operated well (33/9-22S, Northern North Sea), two and a half years after the company was established.