Paleozoic carbonates – upcoming seminarIllustration: Courtesy of Multiclient Geophysical

Paleozoic carbonates – upcoming seminar

Don't miss this chance to learn about paleozoic carbonates in the Barents Sea. The Hydrocarbon Habitats-series continues at the end of this month.

We meet at iPark in Stavanger on October 25th. Afterwards we head down to Cardinal for a drink and a bite to eat if you fancy it!
In Oslo, we are gathering in Lysaker in Lilleakerveien 8, close to the train station. PSS-Geo and Exploro are hosting the «after-party». All delegates are invited to their Thanksgiving Party in PSS-Geo’s offices in Solligata 2, 0254 Oslo, starting at 7pm.
Attendance costs NOK 600 + VAT for students and NOK 1,950 + VAT for everyone else.
If you have questions about the event, please don’t hesitate to e-mail Ingvild Carstens.

About the seminar

While carbonate rocks constitute approximately 15 percent of the sedimentary rocks worldwide, as much as 50 percent of the oil and gas production come from limestones and dolomites. On the NCS, carbonate production has been successful from fractured chalk in the Central Graben, while two discoveries have so far been made in Carboniferous and Permian carbonates in the Barents Sea. In the Timan-Pechora and adjacent offshore areas in Russia, carbonates analogue to the Carboniferous and Permian carbonates of the Norwegian Barents Sea are prolific hydrocarbon producers. In this seminar we will investigate the oil and gas potential of the upper Palaeozoic carbonates as both source and reservoir rocks in the Barents Sea.
So far, main reservoirs are dolomitized grainy lithologies of the warm water Gipsdalen Group carbonates. Meteoric leaching, karstification and dolomitization are the main reservoirs generating processes and carbonate reservoirs are regarded as medium risk in prospect evaluation. However, the Gohta discovery in spiculitic chersts, dolomitized cool-water carbonates and karstified carbonates of the Røye Formation, Tempelfjorden Group was a great surprise.
The main source rocks in carbonate plays have thus far been confined to the onlapping marine source rocks of the Klappmyss and Kobbe Formation, marine mudrocks of the Ørret Formation and coaly mudrocks of the Billefjorden Group. Recent studies performed by UNIS, København University and Det norske oljeselskap centered on the Billefjorden Trough in Central Spitsbergen, have proven that the carbonates and associated siliciclastic mudrocks of the Minkinfjellet, Wordiekammen and Gipshuken formations have generated commercial amounts of hydrocarbons. No wells have so far penetrated analogue basinal sediments in the Barents Sea, and the Spitsbergen analogue data may represent a door opener in hydrocarbon exploration of the warm-water carbonates of the Barents Sea.

OSLO: Start at 11am
STAVANGER: Start at 12noon

11:00/12:00 LUNCH
11:55/12:55 Welcome Geir Elvebakk Nord Universitet
12:00/13:00 Facies and tectonics of the Upper Palaeozoic carbonate platforms of Spitsbergen and the Barents Sea Lars Stemmerik UNIS
Mapping and analysis of the petroleum potential of Paleozoic Source rocks from outcrops on Svalbard. General observations and implications for possible new plays in the Barents Sea. Jacob Bruun Kristensen1, Snorre Olaussen2, Geir Elvebakk3, Jon Erik4 Skeie, Lars Stemmerik1 Københavns Universitet1, UNIS2, Det norske/Nord Universitet3, Det norske4
TBA Lukoil
14:00/15:00 The Barents Sea carbonate play and lessons learned from Iranian reservoirs. Tore Amund Svånå Afraz Advisers / Aurelia Geo AS
A new technique for rock type classification from wells and seismic data: application to a carbonate field Kamal Kami-Eddine Paradigm
16:00/17:00 Production from future carbonate fields in the Barents Sea – use of world-wide analogues as a predictive tool in prospectivity assessment Tommy Samuelsberg BOW GEO ANS
Re-deposition of shallow marine carbonates in Kurdistan, a potential analogue to the Loppa High fringe in the Barents Sea?’ Ståle Monstad & M. Looser Point Resources/DNO
Neiden – the Oberlix discovery finally appraised Geir Elvebakk Nord Universitet
17:00/18:00 WE MEET FOR DRINKS! Stavanger: Cardinal    Oslo: Thanksgiving Party with PSS-Geo og Exploro, Solligata 2, 0254 Oslo from 7pm.