Point Resources er nå operativtFra kontoret på Aker Brygge er det fin utsikt mot byggegropa der Nasjonalmuseet nå reises. Det gir god inspirasjon for Roar Tessem som har fått i oppgave å bygge et nytt oljeselskap etter sammenslåingen av tre små selskaper. Han leder nå et team på 50 personer med kontorer i Oslo og Stavanger. Foto: Halfdan Carstens

Point Resources er nå operativt

Sammenslåingen av Core Energy, Spike Exploration and Pure E&P er fullført, og Point Resources er nå operativt med en produksjon på 9000 fat/dag.

Point Resources is a new full-profile E&P company on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, with USD 300 million in new capital to fund growth through acquisitions and business developments over the next five years.
The company starts life with a strong license portfolio, including a production base of about 9,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day; significant holdings in several discoveries that are expected to be developed over the coming years: Pil (45%), Garantiana (30%), and Snilehorn (17,5%); as well as an interesting exploration portfolio.
Om letestrategien sier selskapet dette:
«We believe that significant discoveries remain to be found on the NCS.  With 28.9bn boe of reserves and resources in place it is estimated that 17.9bn boe are yet to be discovered.
Our exploration strategy is to look for near field opportunities in our core areas of interest on the NCS.
Selective wild cat frontier exploration will also be considered.
We will combine our extensive geological knowledge, advanced geophysical methods and a comprehensive knowledge of all areas of the NCS to identify suitable assets.  This process will be underpinned by risk assessments, a commercial mindset throughout the organisation and capital discipline.
Our aim is to ensure a proactive and qualitative approach to developing a high potential, risk balanced portfolio of assets where financial resources are allocated to opportunities with the highest potential.»
Asset overview.