Hanssen: The Community was right

Drilling of wildcat well 7324/7-2 is about to be completed. The community was right in the prediction on the Hanssen WellBet (Wisting Central): Almost everyone that took part expected the discovery.

More than 90% of the participants in the WellBet on Hanssen expected an oil discovery. According to the latest press release from NPD on PL 537, the well encountered an oil column of about 20 metres in the Stø formation, with very good reservoir properties.

The Geonova community placed bets on the prospect in WellBet – a community-based prediction tool that relies on the “wisdom of the crowd” and was initiated by the geoscience community Geonova and Atlantic Petroleum.

See here the detailed results of the Hanssen WellBet. While no more bets can placed on Hanssen, you can take your chance on a set of prospects open for WellBet bets!