The m(b)illion dollar questionSvein Ellingsrud er Chief Technology Advisor i PetroMarker og har fulgt teknologiutviklingen i oljeindustrien tett de siste 15 årene.

The m(b)illion dollar question

Svein Ellingsrud, innovator of marine CSEM for the oil industry, looks back at what happened to innovation and  technology since exploration efforts increased tremendously following the beginning of the 3rd milennium.
While others believe the number of dry wells and non-commercial discoveries can be blamed on lack of resources, Ellingsrud advocates more use of technology. That fits well with oil director Bente Nylands wish for more wildcats.
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12:30 General director Karl Eirik Schjøtt-Pedersen The political framework for the oil & gas industry in Norway Norsk olje & gass
13:15 Oil director Bente Nyland NPD
14:00 Coffee break
14:25 NCS Exploration – Recent Discoveries 2018 & Exploration Innovation Prize
14:30 Geologist Dag Bergslien The story behind the discovery: The very first oil in the North Sea, and the troublesome appraisal towards PDO
15:00 Geophysicist Svein Ellingsrud Where are the remaining hydrocarbon resources on the NCS & how do we find them?
15:20 Technology shapes exploration – key messages from the service industry
16:00 Discussion