Discovery on salt induced structure

Discovery on salt induced structure

The first well on a salt induced structure along the northern margin of the oil rich Central Graben proved light oil in 2011. Two other compartments on the same structure will soon be tested.

The exploration well 8/10-4S was drilled to evaluate the hydrocarbon bearing potential of the Upper Jurassic Ula sandstones sealed by the overlying Mandal shales. The expected hydrocarbon phase was light oil due to the close proximity to the nearby Ula field, and the assumption was that the structure may share the same kitchen area.

The Butch structure was formed as a result of salt movement initiated already at the onset of Triassic deposition and continuing until today. The result is a four way dip closed structure around the diapir, which has then been further segmented by faulting related to the salt movement. The faulting appears to define three main segments.

The Butch discovery will be presented at the Recent Discoveries conference next week.

The program is now finalised.

The Butch Project is currently moving ahead towards the DG2 concept select gate. Also, the Maersk Giant is currently on location over Butch East and the operation is ongoing. The drilling program, including two wells and two side-tracks, is estimated to be completed Q3 2014 and by then all segments in Butch will have been tested.

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