Magseis med kontrakt i NordsjøenThe new company will have an unmatched global presence, combined client base comprising the world’s largest E&P companies, most efficient technologies for all OBS segments and offerings, demonstrated track-record and profitability and solid combined backlog of more than USD 350 million. It will also be positioned for accelerated growth in the expanding marine seismic industryImage. Image: Magseis

Magseis med kontrakt i Nordsjøen

Magseis has been awarded a contract from ConocoPhillips for a full azimuth 4D seabed seismic acquisition survey in the North Sea using the company’s proprietary MASS system. Magseis will mobilise a second, ROV-based crew for the project. The duration of the contract is estimated at approximately 3 months inclusive of mobilisation to the prospect and will commence during Q2 2017.