Ingen spøk med landdeponiSource:

Ingen spøk med landdeponi

“Mining dams grow to colossal heights, and so do the risks”. Ulykken i Brasil er skremmende.

19 mennesker ble drept. Landsbyer ble jevnet med jorden. Massene med deponerte masser reiste en distanse som er lengre enn det er mellom Oslo og Trondheim. En damkollaps var årsaken.
«The dam was the largest structure of its kind ever to give way”.
“From Chile to Australia to the U.S., the quest for economies of scale has prompted mining companies to dig larger and deeper pits, creating record volumes of waste. To house all that detritus they have constructed some of the most colossal man-made structures on the planet. Known as tailings dams, these earthen embankments hold back sprawling reservoirs of mud, finely ground rock and water—what is left after a mill separates metals from ore.”
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