Det grønne skiftet ødelegger miljøet

Det grønne skiftet ødelegger miljøet

Fornybar energi kan komme til å være like ødeleggende som fossil energi, skriver Foreign Policy.

«A new problem is beginning to emerge that warrants our attention. Some proponents of the Green New Deal seem to believe that it will pave the way to a utopia of “green growth.” Once we trade dirty fossil fuels for clean energy, there’s no reason we can’t keep expanding the economy forever,» skriver Foreign Policy (FP).

«While sunshine and wind is obviously clean, the infrastructure we need to capture it is not. Far from it.»

«The transition to renewables is going to require a dramatic increase in the extraction of metals and rare-earth minerals, with real ecological and social costs,» påpeker avisen.

Det slås videre fast at «The only truly clean energy is less energy».

«The problem here is not that we’re going to run out of key minerals—although that may indeed become a concern. The real issue is that this will exacerbate an already existing crisis of overextraction.»

«Mining has become one of the biggest single drivers of deforestation, ecosystem collapse, and biodiversity loss around the world. Ecologists estimate that even at present rates of global material use, we are overshooting sustainable levels by 82 percent.»

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