23. round coming up

Are up prepared? On April 21, at iPark in Stavanger, you are invited to a half-day seminar about Novel Exploration Ideas in the 23. Round. Come join us!

The seminar series Hydrocarbon Habitats is returning to Stavanger on April 21. The program has been released, and it is shaping up to be a very interesting day at iPark.
Registration begins at 10am, then lunch is served at 11am. At 11:55, the seminar begins. In the evening, we invite you to join us for drinks at Cardinal in the city center.
Program: http://hydrocarbonhabitats.no/program/hydrocarbon-habitats-no-2-2015/
Register here: http://hydrocarbonhabitats.no/register/
Fees: http://hydrocarbonhabitats.no/fees/
We look forward to seeing you there!