«Am I wrong?»

«Am I wrong?»

Jonny Hesthammer has asked this question many times after the result of the Pingvin well became known in September. “The jury is still out”.

Jonny Hesthammer, managing director in Atlantic Petroleum Norge, predicted that the Pingvin well in the Barents Sea would be dry. However, a small, non-commercial discovery was made (Gas discovery in Pingvin).

Hesthammer based his predictions on EM-data (geo365.no; 20.08.2014). It looked like the well had been placed right outside a well-defined anomaly that suggested hydrocarbons to be present updip of the well location. As it turned out, the well drilled through 15m of gas saturated sandstones.

The crucial question for Hesthammer is thus: “Am I wrong?

We will learn more about Hesthammer’s predictions in the forthcoming half-day seminar in the Hydrocarbon Habitat series. In the same seminar, Svein Ellingsrud of EMGS – in his talk – states that CSEM has been important to find new oil and position successful exploration wells in the right location.

We can look forward to a heated discussion about how to use CSEM-data in exploring for new oil and gas resources.

The seminar is arranged in Oslo October 21 and in Stavanger November 5.

See the programme.