Cara in the lead

Cara in the lead

The Cara discovery is getting ahead in the poll for the Exploration Innovation Prize. Brasse trails 13 percentage points behind.

Six whole days remain before the polls close and the jury sits down to select the three finalists for the first Exploration Innovation Prize. The current tally puts Cara well ahead of its competitors with almost 32% of the votes. Brasse follows in second place with 18,6% of the votes.

Current standing  – per April 27
Cara – 31,8%
Brasse – 18,6%
Ørnen – 13,2%
Kayak – 12,4%
Filicudi – 11,6%
Zumba – 4,7%
Boné – 3,1%
Korpfjell – 2,3%
Koigen Central – 1,5%
Salander – 0,8%

The poll is open until April 2nd.

When the polls close, the jury will select three finalists. The finalists will be invited to present at the NCS Exploration conference on May 23rd. The winner of the Exploration Innovation Prize will be announced during the conference dinner May 23.
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