De-risking through integration

By integrating independent, but complimentary data types, the overall Geological Chance of Success, can be increased. Hear Maver from Spectrum speak more about this topic at the conference "Recent Advances in Exploration Technology"

In less than 36 hours, the conference «Recent Advances in Exploration Technology & NCS Prospect Fair» is being kicked off in Fornebu outside of Oslo. For two days, the industry meets to hear the latest and greatest in developments in exploration technology. Among several others, Kim Gunn Maver from Spectrum presents the talk «Exploration de-risking through integration of different data types and processing technologies» on Thursday morning.
The afternoon session should also not be missed out on, with a keynote titled «How to shape small oil companies for success» from Kent Høgseth from Origo Exploration right after lunch. Among the talks in the session «Benchmarking», we will for example hear Svein Ellingsrud of EMGS presents the talk «Volume estimates and benchmarking», and Adriana Ramirez of Statoil rounds out the conference «Broadband Seismic Experience».
We hope to see you there!
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