Et annerledes oljeselskap Andrew McCann er SVP Subsurface i OKEA. I bakgrunnen ser vi den gamle bryggerekken i Trondheim. Foto: Halfdan Carstens

Et annerledes oljeselskap

OKEA har en litt annen strategi enn de fleste oljeselskapene på norsk sokkel. I stedet for E&P, satser selskapet på D&P.

OKEA has a nimble and low-cost strategy focused on growing its production through 1) exploiting upsides in and around producing fields, 2) developing sub-100 mmboe discoveries into production and 3) Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) activity.

Within one year after creation, OKEA proposed a redevelopment of the Yme field and development of the Grevling discovery.

In 2018, OKEA transformed its business with the acquisition of participating interests in the Draugen and Gjøa fields from A/S Norske Shell, including operatorship of the Draugen field.


At NCS Exploration Strategy, November 20-21 in Stavanger, Andrew McCann (SVP Subsurface) will present OKEAs strategy.


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