Four finalists – four talents: Meet Kari

Four finalists – four talents: Meet Kari

The third of the four finalists of the Young Petroleum Geoscientist Award who are being presented this week on is Kari Langvik Østhus from Capricorn. Learn who is this talent and decide which candidate you want to vote for.

Kari has already proven her talent as a geoscientist and Capricorn is the lucky company she’s working for. She also proves herself being successful in organizing her family in Stavanger – a place where she belongs. In between of all her duties, she finds the time to find oil. Plenty of oil.

How old are you?

That’s actually a difficult question (laughs). Let me think – I´m turning 33 – so I guess I am 32.

Why did you become a Geoscientist in the first place?

It was a bit of a coincidence. I started to study at the university of Bergen because my husband was there. I started with Mathematics. But I wanted to get back to Stavanger sooner or later, so I decided to study something that is more useful there. So I came to study geophysics and enjoy it ever since!

What’s your favorite rock?

My favorite rock… As a proper explorationist that has got to be sandstone I guess…

Where is most likely to meet you after work?

First, that would be the kindergarden where I go almost every day to pick up my kids. Then I`ll certainly be at home preparing dinner for the family. Yet after bedtime, there is a chance I`m out running.

How did you learn about the award?

Actually, I first heard about it when I received a call from Einar who wanted to nominate me. I have not heard about it before.

Why did you accept your nomination?

I had no choice – Einar insisted. I told him there are better candidates, but there was no way to change his mind. But I am happy to be amongst the finalists, of course!

Do you feel prepared for what comes with the award as well as a helicopter ride?

I think I am able to deal with the fame (laughs…). But about the helicopter, I am not sure. I have never been in a helicopter before. Actually, I have never been off shore. Whatever – I am sure it would be great fun!

If you win: What are you most looking forward to when you are on the drilling rig?

I very much look forward to finally see the whole process in a close-up perspective. As a young geoscientist, you only have visions in your head how everything supposedly works there. But to actually see it, to learn about the rig life, that is exciting!

What is your strategy to win the voting?

I admit that I don´t have a clear strategy. But one of my colleagues posted it on Facebook. So I guess we`re going for Social Media.

What should the readers know about you that bring them to vote for you?

Well, I guess they should know that I was part of the team that made one of the biggest recent discoveries in Norway.