Four finalists – four talents: Meet Stian

Four finalists – four talents: Meet Stian

The final finalist presented here on as a candidate for winning the Young Petroleum Geoscientist Award is Stian Haaland from Centrica.

The voting is going on until May 14. – and the winner will be announced that day at the Recent Discoveries Conference dinner.

Stian, 28, loves geosciences and to apply them. He is eager to do so for his team at Centrica – when he finds the time between quite a numbers of outdoor activities. On his quest to promote applied geophysics and to drill a few meters by himself, his network and his passion may be helpful.

How old are you?

I am 28 – therefore super legal in the award.

Why did you become a geoscientist in the first place?

Clearly it was meeting and working with the right and inspiring people at the right time. I started studying Petroleum Technologies at NTNU, and after 3 years we were supposed to decide on a specialization. Right at that time, I attended a presentation by Martin Landrø (Professor in Geophysics, NTNU) who inspired me so much that I wanted to specialize in Petroleum Geophysics right away. Almost at the same time I started to work part-time as a geo-assistant in the G&G department in Det Norske, and I was lucky to work with Ole Jøran Askim, a really experienced geophysicist and rock physicist. Ole Jøran became an important mentor to me, and introduced me to the world of “special geophysics”. In 2011 I graduated from NTNU, got employed in Talisman and met John Logel, at the time Chief Geoscientist in Talisman. John Logel became a great mentor for me and is the most important person for me in becoming the geophysicist I am today.

What is your favorite rock?

I would say gneiss, as most of the mountains in southern Norway are gneisses, and that’s where I go for my favorite outdoor activities.

Where is most likely to meet you after work?

Either at the golf course or around some of the lakes close to Stavanger or in a bar drinking beer – pale ales, brown ales, Indian ales. I am not so much into German beers.

How did you learn about the award?

My colleague from Talisman nominated me, that’s actually the first time I have heard about it. I did not know before, but I knew about the Recent Discoveries conference.

Why did you accept your nomination?

It sounded interesting, and it’s always exciting to be a finalist. Plus: I think it is a great opportunity to show the rest of the industry what we are doing as geoscientists. It`s important to me to show that we do actually employ a lot of the more advanced geophysics/rock physics in our daily work, and that’s what I want to promote. I mean we’re spending 100s of millions of NOK based on some geophysical model, but the geophysical team behind the models is not always very visible.

Do you feel prepared for what comes with the award as well as a helicopter ride?

I have gotten my fair share of fame after posting the voting for the award on Facebook. I am not sure if I can handle much more. (laughs). For sure I am looking forward to visiting a drilling rig with Det norske – I hope that the trip will be to one of the new rigs…

If you win: What are you most looking forward when you are on the drilling rig?

Visiting the drill floor. I was offshore as a wellsite geologist for observing and exploration, but I was never allowed to visit the drill floor. I would love to drill a few meters myself!

What is your strategy to win the voting?

Network. Despite my fairly young age, I think I have a large network and I try to get my network to apply their network and so on. Certainly through social media. Centrica Energi has done a great job in promoting me inside the company, and I heard my old colleagues at Talisman have done a fair share as well.

What should the readers know about you that bring them to vote for you?

Difficult one… Well – if you vote for me there will be one hell of a thank you speech that makes the Oscars look like a kindergarten festival.