Har gitt enorme verdierDirector Norsk olje & gass, Karl Eirik Schjøtt-Pedersen © Norsk olje & gass

Har gitt enorme verdier

I en kronikk på Norsk olje- og gass skriver adm. dir. Karl Eirik Schjøtt-Pedersen at leterefusjonsordningen har vært svært lønnsom for alle i Norge.

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The Norwegian oil industry: A 100 year perspective

Schjøtt-Pedersen kommer til Hydrocarbon Habitats i Stavanger den 28. februar. 
The claim is that the world can manage without Norwegian oil and gas, and that the emergence of renewable resources makes it unnecessary for Norway to continue exploring for new resources. Is this correct? We have invited two highly competent professionals to shed some light on this issue: Karl Eirik Schjøtt-Pedersen (Norsk olje og gass) og Bente Nyland (Norwegian Petroleum Directorate).
Seasoned geologist Dag Bergslien, with a long career in Esso, is coming to share an interesting and educational story: The story behind the discovery: The very first oil in the North Sea, and the troublesome appraisal towards PDO and veteran geophysicist Svein Ellingsrud will share his view on “the where and how of the remaining hydrocarbon resources on the NCS”.
Before we conclude for the day, we have invited the service industry to present their key message about the technology and products they have on offer. Each company gets 5 minutes to “sell” their unique message that can help you (the oil companies) increase your resources. Finally, we will have a discussion on what the oil companies on the NCS needs.

Date: February 28
Location: Clarion Hotel Air, Stavanger

Fee: Free for all attendees*. We particularly welcome “newcomers” to attend!
*We invoice all registered attendees who do not show up on the day of the seminar NOK 1,000 + VAT – this is in order to avoid no-shows and unnecessary costs