Highlighting prospectivity

Highlighting prospectivity

PGS highlights and quantifies the risk of potential leads in the Jurassic, Triassic and possibly Permian in the Eastern Barents Sea.

As part of the preparations for the 23rd licensing round, PGS received a contract for collecting 3D seismic in area A in the Barents Sea southeast. The collection of approx. 10,000 km2 was organized as a group shoot with Statoil as operator. Those companies that did not participate in this virtue (2014) can today purchase the data from PGS’s multi-client library. In addition, PGS has collected 3D CSEM over Area A as well as the 3 other areas within the Barents Sea southeast where 3D seismic was collected. This arbitrary line through licensed, nominated and open blocks in the Barents Sea South East highlights prospectivity at multiple levels.


Figure 2 – Arbitrary line (Figure 1) showing from left to right:
Full stack depth migrated data with earth absorption compensation.
Relative acoustic impedance (using separated wavefield imaging in the shallow and Kirchhoff depth migration in the deep).
Unconstrained vertical resistivity over full stack depth migrated data, with a focus on Triassic resistivity anomalies.

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