Hoping for oil in Hoop

Hoping for oil in Hoop

It is necessary to prove up more oil in the Barents Sea. Some of that might be found in the Hoop Area. In the next Hydrocarbon Habitats seminar, we present some exciting opportunities.

Blocks in the Hoop area form an important part of the 23.round acreage. Altogether 14 blocks are included next to the Wisting and Hanssen discoveries.

To find the oil, we need high quality geophysical data and superior geological homework. The basis for this will be presented in the forthcoming half-day seminar in the series Hydrocarbon Habitats: “Novel Exploration Ideas in 23. Round Exploration Acreage».

Preliminary programme


Four of the talks in the seminar concern the Hoop area. Do not miss this opportunity to acquire new exploration ideas.

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