Five hours of knowledgesharingGeil Elvebakk presenting at the seminar in Oslo on Tuesday. Foto: Hans Gebauer

Five hours of knowledgesharing

Enough oil has been generated in the Hammerfest Basin for more to be found. And there is no lack of promising prospects, experts say.

And if you are in search for the big one, newly acquired geophysical data may be of help. But before you drill, make sure the reservoir is not conductive.
Quite a crowd met in Oslo for the first of two Hydrocarbon Habitats seminars on APA 2016 – with a focus on the Hammerfest Basin and the Veslemøy High, that are both included in the extended area.
Amongst a series of highly interesting talks, Geonova member and supporter Geir Lunde from Concedo contributed something special by sharing what they have learned from the Darwin prospect. The insights were certainly appreciated by the audience. Sidsel Lindsø (@GEO_Ildsjel) from M42 commented via Twitter:

“Grateful thanks to Geir Lunde, Concedo, to present the honest history of the Darwin Well! 

The update on the geology of the Goliat field, including experience drawn from the first weeks of production, was shared by Lars-Erik Gustafsson of Eni. He went into details about the strucral complexity of the trap as well as the two main resevoirs.
Those interested in these insights and happen to be in Stavanger on Thursday April 7 can take the opportunity and listen to these and other presentations at Clarion Hotel Air. Go to to learn more and register.