Lanserer Mime Petroleum

Lanserer Mime Petroleum

Det nyetablerte selskapet skal lete etter mindre oljefelt i nærheten av etablert infrastruktur.

Nå vender Sverre Skogen tilbake, som sjef for nyetablerte Mime Petroleum, skriver DN.
– Jeg har bygd selskaper før. Dette er kanskje litt som vi gjorde i Det norske.
Selskapet skriver dette på sine hjemmesider:
Mime Petroleum is focused on hydrocarbon development and production on the Norwegian continental shelf. Through an investment agreement with Bluewater Energy and affiliates, we have access to an equity line of up to $300 million. The Company is consisting of highly experienced oil and gas industry staff and is in the process of prequalified to operate license’s in Norway.
Using these resources we are developing a material and sustainable development and production business on the NCS by the following means:

  • Investing in commercially attractive development projects and fields in production.
  • Increasing the recovery of fields supporting infill drilling programs and IOR initiatives.
  • Prolong lifetime and EUR of fields through maturation of near field prospects.
  • Building capacity and ensuring financial flexibility for further growth on NCS.

Med seg på laget har Skogenifølge DN også hentet fem veteraner fra DEA. Erik Wulff-Pedersen blir Director Geosciences.