Lundin at Recent Discoveries

Lundin at Recent Discoveries

Lundin was in February given the Gullkronen Exploration Award. In May, Halvor Jahre will give the Gullkronen Lecture at Recent Discoveries 2016.

The Gullkronen “Explorer of the year” was awarded in spite of miserable exploration success on the NCS last year. However, Lundin got credit for trying out several different play models, some of them not tested before, and for an honest attempt to make a surprising discovery.

Lundin will therefore give the Gullkronen Lecture at this year’s Recent Discovery conference on May 11 and 12. The talk will be gvien by exploration manager Halvor Jahre.
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The jury’s reasoning was as follows:
“2015 was a disappointing year when it comes to exploration on the NCS. However, the winner has been among the few companies to produce positive results. By choosing to maintain high activity levels through challenging times, with 13 completed wellbores, valuable discoveries have been made. Continued innovation and willingness to think differently have resulted in improved understanding of both biogenic rocks, like spiculites, and basement reservoirs on the NCS.”


Lundins brønn 16/4-10 testet hydrokarbonpotensialet i Ulaformasjonen av sen jura alder, sør for oljefunnet Luno II (16/4-6), men var tørr.

Rolvsnes var ett av flere spennende prospekter som Lundin avgrenset i fjor. Funnet ble opprinnelig gjort  i 2009, og det foreløpige reserveestimatet er på drøyt 30 millioner fat.