Lundin has spudded SilfariThe Silfari-prospect is not the biggest in this "coastal province". With this well the operator also wants to get a good understandig of the geological evolution of the area by drilling in a basinal setting.

Lundin has spudded Silfari

With Silfari, Lundin is aiming for close to 200MMboe in the Froan Basin, due west of the islands Frøya and Hitra.

6307/1-1S has target in Permian carbonates, but – it is said – it should also be looked upon as a stratigraphic test.

Nevertheless, Lundin claims a discovery may contain 193MMboe in untested Permian carbonate and Jurassic sandstone plays. Lundin emphasizes that this province is up-dip of a very prolific basin.

The potential for this province is, however, a lot higher, and Lundins says that billions of barrels are to be found, given that there is an active petroleum system in this little explored corner of the NCS.

The 2nd Exploration Strategy Conference,Stavanger, November 14-15

Brønn 6307/1-1 S skal bores ned til maksimalt dyp på 4 850 m MD/TVD RKB. Estimert varighet for boring av hovedbrønnen er 89 dager. Dette inkluderer boring til dypt TD med uttak av en kjerneprøve i hovedmålet med boreoperasjonen (8 ½» seksjonen) samt tilbakeplugging. Hvis Lundin har suksess, vil vi derfor ikke få vite det før ut på nyåret.

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