“Missed Pay”Smells good! Photo: Halfdan Carstens

“Missed Pay”

Reliable observations and descriptions of oil and gas shows are crucial for the explorationist.

– Oil stains seen in outcrops, cuttings or cores, as well as high gas readings measured while drilling, are all promising pieces of information that should be included in any prospect evaluation or decision making during drilling, says Jon Halvard Pedersen, Petroleum System Analyst in Lundin Norway.
Pedersen has taken responsibility for convening a session name “missed pay” in the 2018 NCS Exploration conference in May this year. The overall purpose is to highlight the importance of shows when exploring for additional oil and gas.
– There are numerous examples from the NCS, and some of them will be presented at the conference, says Pedersen.
Shows are hard data, and Pedersen will use the opportunity to post questions related to how shows are treated.
– Do we always understand what the shows represent? Is a well without any reported shows actually dry, or could there be «missed pay»? Are we aware of potential pitfalls when analysing shows data? Are shows descriptions applied in the best possible way in the exploration work flow?
The session «Hydrocarbon Shows and Missed Pay» therefore aims to give the audience a better understanding of how hydrocarbon shows are detected and described, and to demonstrate how shows can be used in hydrocarbon exploration.

NCS Exploration 2018 – Recent Discoveries
Some 10 discoveries were made in 2017, while there were 13 discoveries in 2016. A majority should be considered technical and marginal discoveries. Many discoveries can be classified as “near field”.
During the conference we will to review dry wells, presumed technical discoveries and possible/likely commercial discoveries. The purpose is to take advantage of new knowledge in order to increase the gradient of the learning curve.