OKEA Draugen-operator

OKEA Draugen-operator

In addition to the operatorship on Draugen, 153 employees were transferred from Shell to OKEA.

Friday November 30th, OKEA announced the completion of the acquisition of the Draugen field (PL093), a 12.0% share of the Gjøa field (PL153) and the office building “Råket” in Kristiansund, including 153 employees.

In a press release, OKEA’s CEO Erik Haugane, said:
“We are very pleased with the work that we have accomplished with Shell since the signing of the agreement on 20 June 2018. Thanks to our comprehensive and dedicated work together, we are able to close this transaction on schedule. This is the beginning of a new chapter for OKEA, as Operator of one of the most prestigious fields on the NCS.”

Press release