Oljereservene økerLiquid resources from mature assets are growing, in spite of lack of success in exploration. While only 22Bbo were found the last four years, some 132Bbo were added from mature assets. (c) Rystad Energy

Oljereservene øker

Til tross for få og små funn vokser verdens oljereserver. Årsaken er at veksten i modne felt er større enn den totale produksjonen.

Verdens oljereserver øker, melder Rystad Energy. For selv om verdens oljeselskaper finner mye mindre olje enn det de produserer, øker reservene i modne felt mye raskere enn produksjonen.
De totale mengdene med gjenværende olje har dermed nådd formidable 1 227 trillioner (tusen milliarder) fat. Med dagens årlige produksjon på ca 35 milliarder fat, skulle dette være nok til nye 35 år med samme produksjonsvolum. Samtidig blir det antatt at verdens oljeproduksjon vil avta etter hvert som sol- og vindenergi får større innpass. Reservene vil derfor kuknne vare enda lengre uten at ny olje tilføres.
Of the 151 billion increase from mature assets, 68 billion barrels are from conventional onshore fields, 43 billion barrels are from shale, while offshore resources have grown by 40 billion barrels.
For conventional onshore, a large part of the growth is driven by Saudi Arabia. Increased infill drilling and better investment terms have lifted the estimate for the remaining resources in the country.
For shale, the growth is primarily driven by better well performance and more target benches in the Permian basin.
The offshore uplift is driven by the Middle East, Russia and Europe.
“Growth in mature fields can be driven by many factors, such as increased infill drilling, improved understanding of the reservoirs, EOR projects and technology improvements. These developments are more challenging to track compared to new discoveries and often are difficult to measure,” Espen Erlingsen, senior vice president of upstream research at Rystad Energy, states.

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    John Wood 3 år ago

    2017 world class oil discoveries, also include the Zama-1 drilled in shallow water (< 100 m) offshore 'Mexico'. It was partnered by Premier Oil. The prospect was identified pre drill to have amplitude shut of with structural conformance hence improving its GCOS. Zama delivered! The well encountered over 300m net pay, light oil in a stacked oil turbidite sequence within the Oligocene to Miocene infill of a mini-basin between salt walls. Premier were offered a farm-in and identified Zama as having a great GCOS. It has a conservative estimate of 1.8billion barrels of recoverable oil and the licensees are aiming to have it on stream before 2022. Rystad may need to add offshore Mexico to its review of world basins delivering new global world class oil reserves.

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