Only 1 week left

Only 1 week left

Next Wednesday and Thursday, 17 oil companies share their exploration strategies and Norway's top analysts joins us to talk exploration and investment

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For two days next week, we get to take a peak «inside» the oil companies as they share their exploration strategies with us at NCS Exploration Strategy 2018. But more than that, we will address the resource situation on the NCS, asking the highly anticipated question: What if the NPD-estimate is inflated? Hans Martin Veding at NPD joins us to explain the numbers.

Exploration in Portfolio Development

Recently, exploration has reentered the stage as a hot investment topic. Exploration has seen a revival in interest from investors, and Norway’s top analysts on the subject, Daniel Rennemo from PwC and Teodor Sveen-Nielsen from Sparebank 1 Markets, share their thoughts on the subject.

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