SALANDER – 6507/3-11S

SALANDER – 6507/3-11S

Meet the candidates: EoN / PL650  Norwegian Sea 2015

The primary and secondary exploration targets for the well were to prove petroleum in Middle and Lower Jurassic reservoir rocks (the Fangst and Båt groups).
In the primary exploration target, the well encountered approx. 30 metres of reservoir rocks in the Garn formation and 60 metres of reservoir rocks in the Ile formation (the Fangst group), both with very good reservoir quality. In the secondary exploration target, about 95 and 70 metres of reservoir rocks were encountered in the Tilje and Åre formation in the Båt group, respectively, both with good to very good reservoir properties.
Salander was targeting a structurally complex area on the western part of the Nordland Ridge. Detailed mapping of potential reservoir units was extremely difficult. However, all the necessary prerequisites for a petroleum system were likely in place (charge, reservoir, traps, retention). The well was dry but proved good quality reservoir sandstones, and the geological model was to a large degree proven. The well has opened up for other Jurassic targets along the western margin of the Nordland Ridge. If successfull, it would definitely have been a “play opening well”.
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Exploration Innovation Prize

“The Exploration Innovation Prize will be awarded to a license group, company, team or individual who during the last two years have given a courageous and innovative contribution in exploring for oil and gas on the NCS.  The recipient has matured and drilled a prospect that can be defined as high risk and high potential. The prospect must have been drilled, but can be classified as dry, technical discovery or commercial discovery”.
The Programme Committee for the conference NCS Exploration – Recent Discoveries has selected ten worthy candidates amongst wells that were drilled in 2016 or 2017.
“A true wildcat, with very limited well control, but a valid geological concept …
The candidates are (in alphabetical order): Boné (Eni), Brasse (Faroe), Cara (Engie), Filicudi (Lundin), Kayak (Statoil), Koigen Central (Statoil), Korpfjell(Statoil), Salander (Statoil), Zumba (Tullow) and Ørnen (Lundin).
The exploration community is now – until April 2nd, encouraged to vote for their favourite candidate, upon which the programme committee will select three candidates for a final vote.

“The well was drilled successfully up-flank and proved oil and gas that are very likely to be a commercial discovery
The winner of the Exploration Innovation Prize will be announced during the conference dinner May 23.

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