Ser etter 30 mill. fat

Lundin har påbgynt en avgrensningsbrønn på Edvard Grieg-feltet. Målet er å påvise 30. mill fat o.e. på feltets sørvestflanke.

The appraisal well 16/1-27  on the Edvard Grieg field is being drilled on the southwestern flank of the field.
Following the 2016 year end reserves additions on Edvard Grieg in relation to a larger oil column being proven in the northwestern flank of the field, further resource potential has been identified in the southwestern flank of the field.
The well is being drilled 3 km west of the Edvard Grieg platform and is targeting additional gross resources of up to 30 MMboe. The drilling operation is expected to take approximately 30 days.
Edvard Grieg-feltet.