Undervalued de-risking toolFra venstre til høyre: Arv Håkon Breistøl, prosjektleder. Erling Hugo Jensen, CTO. Åsmund Drottning, CEO. Photo credits: Bergen Teknologioverføing.

Undervalued de-risking tool

A new rock physics workflow can hopefully help decide where to drill and where not to drill.

–  Rock physics is a discipline that addresses the link between geological properties and seismic response, but – alas – we see that rock physics continues to be perceived as inaccessible for many geoscientists, says Åsmund Drottning, CEO in Rock Physics Technology.
In his talk at NCS Exploration conference in May, Bergen-based Rock Physics Technology will present a new workflow for predicting reservoir properties from AVO data using rock physics that may change this.
Stating that the proposed workflow can invite the full range of geologists and geophysicists to make valuable use of rock physics applications, Rock Physics Technology aims to bring rock physics to the whole geoteam, not just the experts.
– We believe that this workflow can make rock physics accessible for a broader range of interpreters and create valuable synergies in the exploration teams, says Erling Hugo Jensen, CTO of Rock Physics Technology.
The workflow invites all geoscientists into a framework that allows them to apply their ideas to rock physics driven interpretation, whether they are geophysicists, sedimentologists, petrophycisists, structural geologists, or hardcore rock physicists.
At the geophysical toolbox session on May 10 Drottning will show the workflow applied to a Norwegian Sea data set. The presentation will show how quantitative results efficiently can be obtained directly from AVO data using the Inverse Rock Physics Modelling approach.