Watch out for Fat Canyon The Fat Canyon prospect is located on the Frøya High.

Watch out for Fat Canyon

INEOS is planning to drill an exciting wildcat on the Frøya High next year.

No discoveries have been yet made on the Frøya High.

Next year, however, INEOS E&P Norge is set to drill a true wildcat on the Frøya High, due south of the discovery 6401/12-3 (Fenja) that is located on the southernmost tip of the Halten Terrace, next to the Vingleia Fault Complex.

– This is a pinchout in Upper Jurassic sandstones, says Nigel Marsh, Subsurface Director at INEOS, in this pre-recorded message to NCS Exploration Strategy 2020 November 18 and 19.

Marsh will present»state of the art» and near term opportunities for INEOS, including the drilling of a wildcat in PL 937 that was awarded in TFO 2017.

The programme at NCS Exploration Strategy 2020 includes presentations from 19 oil companies active on the NCS.