What does the trilobite say?

What does the trilobite say?

Through 500 million years it has been totally unknown what the trilobite says. This evening you will get the answer!

The trilobite was around for more than 270 million years – from the Cambrian stage Atdabanian until it became extinct when “life nearly died” at the end of the Permian. The trilobites were among the most successful of all early animals.

And we do know a whole lot about these strange creatures. It is a well-known fossil group of extinct marine arthropods that form the class Trilobita. They had many life styles. Some were crawling over the sea-bed as predators, scavengers or filter feeders and some swam, feeding on plankton.

But we do not know what the trilobites say!

Until now. Geir Lunde, geologist and musician, will on Wednesday evening, at the conference Recent Discoveriesdemonstrate with his cornet the sound of trilobites.

–        We compare with an angry tiger growling under water. This we know because of recent research.

–        Even more surprising, it was the growling that made the trilobites live for so long. They scared almost every other animal under water with this noise, says Geir Lunde.

Do not miss this opportunity for being present with breaking news about trilobites. David Bruton, long time professor in palaeontology and an expert on trilobites, will comment on the findings.

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