Where lies the future of the NCS?

Where lies the future of the NCS?

Sidsel Lindsø gives us her perspectives on Norway's position in a global perspective at the upcoming conference Recent Discoveries 2016

The program for the upcoming NCS Exploration – Recent Discoveries 2016 is almost complete. Have a look here.
You might know Sidsel Lindsø as the main organiser of many FORCE seminars and as leader of the Structural Geology competence network. She was the leader of the Organising Committee for the visionary Underexplored Plays conference last year, where they focused on challenging the ’ThatIsNotPossible-Dogma’ in order to inspire conference participants to think new.
Sidsel Lindsø is a fearless Dane with 13 years international experience from exploration, development and reserves auditing. She is currently working as a consultant for her new own company M42 // GeoConsulting in the New Ventures Team in Suncor Norge AS, based in Stavanger.

At this years conference «Recent Discoveries 2016» she is our dinner speaker.

Using her engagement and strong drive, as chairman of the Structural Geology Group within the FORCE knowledge cooperation, she has been in charge of organising a series of successful conferences and seminars. Sidsel is curious and inclusive, and she has a special ability to bring people together, to build bridges across cultural gaps and different levels of experience, and to lead the implementation of ideas generated in teams.
Sidsel has a very strong focus on communication, team effort and knowledge sharing, and we are looking forward to hear her view on the future of exploration on the NCS.
The Dinner Speech will put Norway and the Norwegian oil industry into a global perspective, go through some of the biggest challenges and raise some questions on how to move forward. Furthermore, it will look at some of the synergies within the business and give an answer to why strategic cooperation on knowledge across competitional boundaries is continuously essential in todays’ market situation.
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