The Global Perspective

The Global Perspective

– We are basically going after the same targets, and the stories I get from the different companies is that if you suggest to go for a non-standard play, you are often getting a “No, that is not for us”.
Sidsel Lindsø is a rather fearless Dane with 13 years international experience from exploration, development and reserves auditing. She is currently working as a consultant for her new own company M42//GeoConsulting.
One way to go forward might be to improve sharing of data and knowledge, and this is of course the basic idea behind Recent Discoveries 2016.

– We are in the age of sharing economies. Sharing data and knowledge is in the same league. We are competing against each other in order to find hydrocarbons, make money and save jobs. But this is such a complicated business that we cannot all be experts in all disciplines.
– I think strategic cooperation across competitive boundaries is the way forward. I believe those who are able to build bridges and strong alliances will win this competition, Lindsø says.
Sidsel is curious and inclusive, and she has a special ability to bring people together, to build bridge across cultural gaps and different levels of experience, and to lead the implementation of ideas gathered in the teams.

Sidsel Lindsø’s Dinner Speech will put Norway and the Norwegian oil industry into a global perspective, go through some of the biggest challenges and raise some questions on how to move forward. Furthermore, she will look at some of the synergies within the business and give an answer to why strategic cooperation on knowledge is essential in todays’ market situation.
Read more about the conference «NCS Exploration – Recent Discoveries 2016» and register.

Written by Anette Broch Mathisen Tvedt