The oil price bet

The oil price bet

PAY IN BARRELS OF OIL: Sign up now for NCS Prospects - The Exploration Strategy Conference and pay 23 barrels of oil.

Conference fee: 23 bbls of oil times Brent price November 1st (+ VAT)
NCS Prospect – The Exploration Strategy Conference – takes place in Stavanger on November 1st & 2nd. The organizers invite you to engage in a bet on the oil price:
At the current oil price of approximately 50 USD, the equivalent for the ticket price of NOK 9.500 is about 23 barrels (Brent).
Buy your ticket for the NCS Prospect for 23 barrels Brent oil instead of the normal price. Your final ticket costs are determined by the oil price at the time of the conference. If the oil price is lower, you pay less. If the oil prices on November 1st is higher than the day you register, you may pay a little more.
Your final ticket costs are determined by the oil price at the first day of the conference
This offer is valid until September 1st (corresponding to the Early Bird deadline).

About the conference

NCS Prospects – The Exploration Strategy Conference
Industry Strategy – National Strategy – Company Strategy – Barents Sea: An Emerging Frontier

The Paris agreement. The green transition. The low oil price. Above all: Miserable exploration results. Worldwide as well as on the NCS.
NCS Prospects – The Exploration Strategy Conference – organized jointly by GeoPublishing and Rystad Energy, brings together the larger exploration North Sea community to exchange expert insight and discuss how to go about exploration in a short and long term perspective.
During the two-day conference and exhibition, we gather a multitude of players on the Norwegian Continental Shelf – governmental organizations, oil companies, oil service companies, the financial industry and consultants – in an attempt to investigate the future of exploration in mature and frontier basins.

  • Do we need a new licence policy?
  • Is it necessary to increase the APA-areas?
  • Should we drill more wildcats?
  • How do we go about new technology?
  • Can the workflow be more efficient?

We open up the exhibition floor for oil- and service companies to showcase their licenses, prospects and strengths in order to fuel the conversation on where your business goes next.
Please contact Ingvild Carstens if you have any questions about attendance or exhibiting
Ingvild Carstens
+47 974 69 090