«The Ultimate Survey» "The world’s biggest ever multi-client OBN survey".

«The Ultimate Survey»

The Utsira OBN survey represents a step-change in both quality and scale and is expected to benefit the entire value chain within the survey area.

The source vessel Sanco Sword is featured in the GeoCalender this month.

The acquisition, totalling 1584 sq km, was completed last year.

The North Sea’s first multi-client Ocean Bottom Node survey (OBN) has – according to JV partners AGS and TGS – the potential to be of value not only for exploration but also for the delineation of discoveries, field development, and reservoir management.

“The increase in operational efficiency and scale of the operation is now making OBN competitive with conventional 3D streamer seismic and is a step-change in the seismic market”, Kristian Zahl, VP sales with Axxis Geo Solutions (AGS), says.

AGS offers specialized OBN seismic acquisition, 2D reconnaissance to 4D Broadband-Full Azimuth with innovative, scalable acquisition configurations from equipment rental, vessel and crew time charters to full turnkey solutions. AGS has the knowledge and experience to provide the highest quality data with optimum acquisition efficiency and safety for all manner of seafloor OBN seismic operations.

AGS uses a combination of survey planning, real-time acquisition monitoring, high technology seismic sources and flexible node deployment systems to optimize the azimuth, offsets and fold for near infrastructure surveys.

Data can be delivered to Clients as overlapping continuous receiver gathers or via strategic processing partners as deblended common shot gathers.

AGS has selected highly desirable areas in which to acquire Multi-Client projects, and with its partners, AGS is acquiring, processing, and will deliver, a fully imaged, full azimuth, long offset, high fold, broadband 4C data volume that can be used for exploration or enhanced oil recovery decisions over existing fields.